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It’s football time in Tennessee! Time to watch your favorite high school football teams compete in a game of speed, skill, and strength.

It’s football time in Tennessee! Time to watch your favorite high school football teams compete in a game of speed, skill, and strength. This year, the Farragut Admirals have big shoes to fill. Named the News Sentinel’s 2017 Team of the Year, the Farragut Admirals received the award after winning their first state championship in 2016. This year they’re going after the title again.

Named after the Union Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, Farragut High School was originally constructed in 1904, and moved to its current location in 1976. The school has had many successful athletes who graduated, including Bill Bates, who played with the Dallas Cowboys and University of Tennessee, Neil Clabo, who played with both the University of Tennessee and Minnesota Vikings, and Tyson Clabo, who played Wake Forest and the Atlanta Falcons. Farragut was further decorated with three awards at the field- the anchor from the USS Farragut gifted in 2006, as well as the star, also placed in 2006, and the gun.

The roster for 2017 has many fine young men on their team, like Andrew Williams, Tucker Jones, Jon Buel, Nathan Morgan, Griffin Swicegood, and Jaden Gibbs as the wide receiver/defensive back. Isaiah Gibbs is the runningback and defensive back, while Max Travis and Gavin Wilkinson act as quarterback/defensive back. Robert Brewster and Jackson Fontenot play wide receiver and outside linebacker. Jason Maw is tight end and defensive end.This is certainly not the full roster, which can be found at Farragut Football’s website, but it is a taste of what you’ll be in for as you take your seat to watch the game.

Coaching these men is Head Coach Eddie Courtney, who has served 36 years on Farragut staff. Assisting him are coaches Tom Doucette, Geoff Courtney, David Hawkins, Reese Browning, Hal Brooker, Gerald Robinson, Chris McNeer, Marcus Huie, Chase Scott, Alex Cain, and Albert Fontenot.

With an exciting line-up, fans and parents are chomping at the bit for the season to begin. You won’t have to wait long for the Varsity games. The first game is an away game on August 18th, held at and against Bradley Central. This game, and every other unless otherwise noted, starts at 7:30. The first home game is on August 31st, against Morristown West. The Junior Varsity games are played at the same place, but start at 7 rather than 7:30. The full schedule, subject to changes, is on the Farragut Football website.

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