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The name you ask? Water into Wine… my mother said “If Christ’s first miracle was turning water into wine, we could drink it!” And we shared many glasses of wonderful wine over the years.


My name is Candace Viox. My personal story begins with my birth. I was adopted by my two wonderful parents and I gained my forever family name, Candace Boone.

I grew up in Southern California, Orange County area to be exact. I grew up in the sands of Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and anywhere that my parents would take me. Church bomb fires with a guitar, sunsets on the HB Pier, sand in my toes and a wonderful family home made up my childhood which I will forever remember. At 17, my senior year of High School, we moved to Tennessee and the next chapter of my life began.

I graduated from Lenoir City High School and began my personal journey. Roane State CC, Lee University and Pellissippi/UT Culinary Arts program set the stage for where I am today.

I married in college and we had our daughter, Alexis Viox. We lived locally in Whittington Creek while our daughter went to Christian Academy of Knoxville. I worked for Rick and Mary for 10 years at Rick McGill’s Toyota on the motor mile and begin feeling like there was more I needed to do with my life, as 30 was on the horizon.

But what? Hence the next chapter of my life. I was at my mother’s home, devastated by years of infertility and private adoption ventures, and we saw Monday’s Child on the local news. I told my mom “That’s it! I am supposed to be a Foster Parent.” I called, enrolled in the class and our family completed the Tennessee State Foster program in 2 months.

We received our three beautiful children a few months later. Jimmy, Cabrin and Sydney. They never left our home and became part of our forever family a year later.

Sadly, I was faced with several personal tragedies in 2011. My children and I moved to Farragut in the spring and then my mother unexpectedly passed away in May and I was lost. During my grief, my health failed and my family was torn apart. I was at a personal crossroads.

I ran home to my friends in California that summer of 2012. I did not know how to move forward. So, I went to my childhood pier in Huntington Beach with my kids and yelled at God in the sand to the point of exhaustion. My tears were pouring from my soul and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said,

“Are you done yet?”

It was crystal clear. THAT MOMENT changed the direction of my life and I knew It was time for me to begin to heal. I had 4 kids to raise and I was only 35! These events were not going to destroy me; they were going to become part of my story and provide the opportunity to share God’s grace. But how? How can I share with people my story of survival and perseverance and give hope to others so that they can get through whatever it is they are facing?  My soul said, “create a safe environment, free of judgement where love, understanding and acceptance prevails. A place where everyone can share their story”. I found listening ears at some of our local restaurants and since met several lifelong friends which supported my concept. Then the story of Water into Wine began. Another chapter of my life.

The concept of Water into Wine was born in my soul. I enrolled in Pellissippi/UT Culinary arts program and decided I was going to learn how to open a relational restaurant unlike any around. My professors supported my passion and appreciated my leadership role with the other students. I graduated top in my class and proudly accepted my degree with my children cheering me on.

After graduation, my friend Deron Little, encouraged me to intern with him for a year to work and learn the business inside and out. He was an amazing teacher and inspiration and I appreciate the many lessons he taught me. I will be forever grateful for my culinary internship at Season’s Innovative Bar and Grill.

In November 2015, it was time for me to sink or swim. I began looking for a location that was small and intimate that I could afford on my small budget. I am a single mother, on a fixed income with no private investors. So, I prayed and I asked God if He wanted me to open a place where everyone can feel loved.

I was sure hoping He would say yes and that He had a plan. His plan was amazing. We found the space located at in the Gallery in Farragut in January 2016. We started construction in March 2016 and opened in May 2016, one day after the five-year anniversary of my mother’s death. I was able to toast her and a portrait of us is proudly displayed on the wall in the back lounge.

The name you ask? Water into Wine… my mother said “If Christ’s first miracle was turning water into wine, we could drink it!” And we shared many glasses of wonderful wine over the years.

My five-year story has shaped where I am today. It is only because of God’s grace, the love and support from my friends and family and my refusal to give up that I am able to say Cheers!  Water into Wine opened in our community to provide a place where everyone can share their story. Because we all have one don’t we?

The Gallery in Farragut

607 N Campbell Station Road


Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm

Friday & Saurday: 11am – 12 am

Closed Sunday & Monday

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