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Spring Allergies

Written by The Bingham Group

Springtime brings warm weather, blooming trees – and allergies. In fact, spring can be one of the worst seasons for allergy sufferers. Pollen appears in the air; the house seems to contain more dust than ever; and every rain puts a barrage of mold in the air! Normally the immune system protects our bodies from invading organisms like bacteria and viruses. In people with allergies, the immune system mistakes an otherwise harmless substance (like pollen) as an invader. This leads to production of antibodies that signal certain cells in the body to release histamine and other chemicals, leading to an allergic reaction.

Allergens such as pollen from trees and grasses, dust mite particles, pet dander and mold spores often enter our bodies by inhalation. If you have allergies to any these particles, your immune system reacts with symptoms of coughing, runny nose, congestion and sneezing. You may also experience severe fatigue, sinus headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Avoidance of allergens would be wonderful, but it’s not possible. Several medications are available to treat allergic symptoms, but it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Some anti-histamines can cause drowsiness and an increase in your blood pressure, not to mention that many people who rely on them find that they stop working after long-term use.

If you’re tired of simply covering up the symptoms of your allergies, it may be time to try immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a natural way to treat allergies. It begins with a build-up phase where you receive increasing doses of allergen over time, leading to the maintenance or “goal” dose. It allows your body to build resistance to the specific allergens that are triggering your reactions, and the sooner you start immunotherapy, the sooner you will experience relief.

Before beginning any treatment plan, it’s important to be seen by a board certified allergist. Allergists have years of advanced training and experience to properly diagnose your specific allergens and recommend a custom path to relief.

To find your way to allergic relief, schedule an appointment at The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center today!

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