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You have many options when it comes to eyecare services and products in Knoxville.


You have many options when it comes to eyecare services and products in Knoxville.  With so many choices, how do you decide where to go? Customer service and the quality of the products sold are a good place to start when evaluating your options. At Premier Eyecare, you will find friendly, well-trained staff who are dedicated to providing an excellent experience in their office. They have three licensed dispensing opticians who will make sure that your eyewear is fit properly and performs optically to the strictest standards. When you are shopping for eyeglasses, you should rely on skilled licensed opticians to keep you informed of the latest technologies available and make sure that you look and see great with your new glasses. Even if you are purchasing non-prescription sunglasses, it is important to have them custom fit for your face. Minor adjustments to any frame will make a big difference in the comfort and performance of your eyeglasses and sunglasses. At Premier Eyecare, they provide free adjustments for the life of your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

If contact lenses are of interest to you, then look no further than Premier Eyecare. Dr. Brent Fry, Premier Eyecare’s optometric physician, has many years of experience in fitting contact lenses ranging from simple disposable fits to custom contact lenses for difficult prescriptions. Dr. Fry is a speaker and consultant for Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses and a speaker for Bausch & Lomb contact lenses. If you have ever been told that you can’t wear contact lenses or have given up on them due to any reason, you may want to discuss your options with Dr. Fry. He has been able to fit many patients with contact lenses who otherwise would have given up.

Premier Eyecare is a provider for most vision and medical insurance plans and will provide help in understanding your individual benefits. Premier Eyecare features many new technologies in their office that aid in providing you with the best possible eyecare experience. The Optos retinal camera provides 200 degrees of field compared to the 90-100 degrees of field seen using other methods. This panoramic view of the retina provides Dr. Fry with valuable information about the health of your eyes. The OCT provides a scan of the retina, enabling the doctor to examine each layer of the retina in detail. In the optical, the opticians use the Optikam digital imaging device to help customize each pair of your eyeglasses. You can even see yourself in up to four frames at once to help you decide which frame is right for you.

If you want to experience excellence in eyecare, look no further than Premier Eyecare. Call for your appointment today. 865-966-0100 or visit

Premier Eyecare
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