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OsteoStrong® is a locally owned franchise with a focus on improving strength, performance, bone density, balance and vitality for clients of any age.

OsteoStrong® is a locally owned franchise with a focus on improving strength, performance, bone density, balance and vitality for clients of any age. It’s a unique place to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system. OsteoStrong®’s research and technology based system has ushered in a revolution in musculoskeletal strengthening. Bio-Medical engineer, Dr. John Jaquish, invented the Spectrum 2 devices that permits osteogenic loading along the bone axis. This action triggers the body to heal itself through osteogenesis and myofibril growth resulting in denser bones and muscles. Peer reviewed studies indicate bone density increases of 7%-10% per year and muscle density increases that result in significant A1C reduction, the blood glucose marker for Type II diabetes. The method also improves posture, balance and proprioception to reduce the risk of falling. OsteoStrong® of Farragut is the only facility offering this service in East Tennessee. A certified Osteogenic Technician guides the process. Once a week sessions are quick (15 min. or less), sweat- free, painless, and results are measurable. “You don’t have to lift or move weight. It is not a gym.” said the owner, Dee Matchett.

Athletic performance is also enhanced and plateaus surmounted. Increased bone density forms a more powerful frame, allowing more muscular engagement and subsequently more muscular power. It is like comparing a Formula 1 race car to an economy car. The framework of the economy car cannot support the power of the Formula 1 racing engine. By comparison, the central nervous system will not permit the muscular system to become strong enough to damage the skeletal system.

Osteoporosis runs four generations deep on the paternal side of Dee Matchett’s family. Her great- grandparents were so bowed they had to crane their neck to look up at people. Experiencing firsthand the effects of poor bone health, Dee actively participated in prevention regimens with bone healthy foods, recommended supplements, weight lifting and high impact experience. Despite all those efforts, she was diagnosed as high risk for fracture; genetics were getting the upper hand. “I was surprised when my DXA report showed that I was high risk for fracture,” expressed Dee, “I found myself pondering what else could be done to prevent bone loss.”

Her search led to a technological advance in building bone mass density: OsteoStrong® Bringing this method of triggering new bone growth to East Tennessee, became her passion. That passion has become a career for Dee Matchett. Even more so, it has become a motivation for community service. She serves as a volunteer peer educator for American Bone Health, a member of the Knoxville Senior Safety Task Force, a sponsor of FHS Health Occupations Students of America chapter, and a volunteer instructor at ORICL where she teaches a community education course called “Good News for Bones.” As a former instructor at Carson Newman University, her background in education has served her well and she is often asked to speak at various community groups in the area. You may have heard Kim Hansard interview her on the public affairs segment of Star 101.2

If you have low bone density, American Bone Health recommends working with a professional on any activity that will add load to your bones. You want to use proper form and body mechanics to protect your spine. “This is what we provide at OsteoStrong® of Farragut,” Dee explained, “Only OsteoStrong® has training program certified by the Father of Osteogenic Loading, Dr. John Jauish.” There are 2 million fractures due to bone loss each year in the USA. That’s 2 million 2 many and Dee’s goal is to see that statistic change. The business offers a free assessment of suitability to the program.

“We are so pleased with the wonderful response OsteoStrong® of Farragut has received”, Dee

said, “The benefits of osteogenic loading are becoming apparent. One client with advanced osteoporosis of the spine had a 25.5% increase in density verified by DEXA. The least improvement seen after 12 months of sessions at OsteoStrong® Farragut is stabilization. Most are seeing measurable increases in bone density.”

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