Having Trouble Seeing Up Close?

By the time we reach our mid-forties, most of us will struggle with seeing things up close. As technology has advanced, we have more and more need to be able to see things up close. We hold our hands in more access to information than ever before. As we use our eyes to view near objects, our focusing system begins to fatigue. Traditionally, as we reach the age of 40-45 years of age, we begin to struggle seeing up close. As this happens, vision correction aids such as bifocals or reading glasses are required to help us focus up close. Fortunately, technology has now provided us more options to maintain clear, comfortable vision up close.

Gone are the days of lined bifocals and over-the-counter reading glasses. Progressive eyeglasses and multifocal contact lenses are the modern devices that most people now enjoy to provide comfortable, clear vision at all distances. Even if you never depended on eyeglasses in your youth, you will be challenged with blurry vision up close around the age of 45. With cell phones and computer use, even young people are struggling with blurry vision and eyestrain.

Let’s discuss some of the options available to you. Progressive eyeglasses are glasses which provide clear vision at all distances. The design is such that the top part of the lens is focused for distance and as one looks down through the lens, it progressively changes focus for near. Hence the name progressive eyeglasses. For those who don’t like wearing glasses or for those who want to be less dependent on eyeglasses, multifocal contact lenses provide a nice alternative to progressive eyeglasses. Multifocal contact lenses have been around since the 1990’s, but have greatly improved in their design and function since then.

Even if you have a significant amount of astigmatism, there are multifocal contact lens options available. You must find an eye doctor who is experienced in fitting specialty contact lenses in order to find success with these lenses. Even if you have tried multifocal contact lenses or progressive eyeglasses in the past and failed, you may be surprised with the success of the new designs. Comfort and clear vision have greatly improved in recent years.

If you spend a significant amount of time on a desktop computer, there are specific eyeglasses that are much better suited for this purpose. Computer eyeglasses are a must for anyone spending over four consecutive hours on a computer in a day.

If you are struggling with your vision and would like answers, look no further than Premier Eyecare located in Farragut. We want to keep you focused for life. Call today for your appointment. 966-0100 or visit us at www.Premier-Eyecare.net.

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