The Best Kept Secret in Town? The secret is getting out… We might have a “renowned architect” in our midst.

His name is Jonathan Miller, and the work he does is being admired all over the Southeast by sophisticated clientele who appreciate the finest things.  

They understand the world of business, custom residential architecture, international interior design, the fine art world, and the level of custom home design they can get from the talent of  Jonathan Miller Architecture.  

Now, instead of Knoxville homeowners going to big cities to acquire top-shelf residential architectural services, big city folks are starting to look in Knoxville for Jonathan Miller. Residents in places like Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham are beginning to understand Knoxville is the place to find an architect.

These people appreciate how their experience and vision are expressed through the design collaboration between themselves and Jonathan. The experience is similar to that provided by the famous guys in big cities. 

One homeowner says, “Once you have lived in one of Jonathan’s homes for a while, you begin to realize you are living in a house that was DESIGNED. You start to see things that were PLANNED…the way the light comes through the house in the morning… the different sizes and positions of the windows…the size of the rooms…the views from one room to another and the way they open onto each other. You start to think…how did Jonathan KNOW that?” 

“I did not know what I was getting when I moved into the home. But after living here for 10 years, I get it now. I appreciate it every day. I learned a lot, and I would never build another home without Jonathan.”

Once you live in rooms and designed outdoor spaces like these, you come to value them as your own. They serve as a platform for you to express your own personality in the space. You understand.  You get it.

Over time, these spaces become YOUR spaces…they are personal and intimate…and you will never go back. If you have to move…you want to recreate them…and where do you turn for that? 

Well…there is a guy named Jonathan Miller in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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