Pineapple Pulled Pork Tacos

Yields8 Servings
Prep Time30 minsCook Time7 hrsTotal Time7 hrs 30 mins
Ingredients - Pulled Pork Tacos
 2 ½ lbs Pork Tenderloin
 28 oz Pineapple Chunks with Juice
 ¼ cup Soy Sauce
 2 tbsp Apricot Preserves
 ½ tsp Garlic Powder
 ½ tsp Pepper
 10 6' Corn Tortillas
 ¼ cup Fresh Cilantro, Chopped
 8 oz Goat Cheese
 ½ cup Green Onions, Chopped
 ½ cup Fresh Pineapple, Diced
 ½ cup Fresh Raspberries, Diced
Ingredients - Pineapple BBQ Sauce
 ¾ cup Tomato Sauce
 ¾ cup Pineapple Chunks
 3 tbsp Apricot Preserves
 3 tbsp Brown Sugar
 1 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
 2 tbsp Lime Juice
Directions - Pulled Pork Tacos

Place pork tenderloin in large crockpot


Combine pineapple juice from can, soy sauce, preserves, garlic powder and pepper in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Pour over the pork tenderloin and add all but ¾ cup pineapple chunks.


Set crockpot on low and let cook for 6-7 hours. Pork must reach an internal temp of 150ºF, but for this recipe, I like to let go well past for tenderness.


During the last 30 minutes, shred pork and let cook in juices the remaining time.


Heat corn tortillas prior to serving.


Add shredded pork to tortillas then spoon pineapple BBQ sauce over the pork.


Add desired amount of Pineapple BBQ Sauce

Directions - Pineapple BBQ Sauce

Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth.


Pour into a small saucepan and simmer over medium heat until sauce thickens.

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