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Exquisite Beauty

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Exquisite beauty, the aroma of vanilla charm and the spacious complexity of a manor.


Exquisite beauty, the aroma of vanilla charm and the spacious complexity of a manor.  Designed by Jack Herr & Associates and built by Brookwood Construction & Engineers, this stunning home is one of the most beautiful in West Knoxville. The current residents, Cheri and Mark Rosenbaum, were responsible for the lavish and cozy interior design. It features an open-design floor plan and has a scenic view of the Appalachian Mountain Range. This could never be considered merely a house; it is very much a home, and one cannot help but feel at home when taking it all in.

Cheri and Mark Rosenbaum have labeled themselves as “professional movers”. The two met in college, and since their marriage, they have traveled all over the country. Mark has been in the medical supply business since he graduated UT and has recently retired from his latest post as CCO of Cardinal Health. Before this home, Cheri and Mark had lived in Ohio, but they wanted a place to settle down in Farragut, the town in which Cheri was born.  Their home search was vast and, for a time, fruitless. Then they found Bridgemore, Farragut’s luxury subdivision. “We loved the land, the new development and all the amenities, the natural beauty, the clubhouse and pool, and especially the two swans that have made their home in the entranceway fountain. At the end of the day, it was an easy decision to purchase the house,” said Cheri. “It really is a wonderful place to live,” said Cheri. “Everyone has their own space, and with kids in the house, that’s a must.”

Bought in 2007, this 350-acre development is one of the most spacious and sensational new subdivisions in West Knoxville. Of the 350 acres of lush rolling green hills that Tennesseans have come to cherish, 140 acres have been set aside as strict non-developmental land. “We want our residents to enjoy the nature trails and forested areas of the neighborhood,” said Jerry Whitehead, owner of Gables and Gates Realtors, “so we’ve put this land aside in order to make the community a more naturally stimulating environment.”

This property is situated at 815 Hammock Lane and is located in Farragut’s Bridgemore subdivision. The Rosenbaum’s have decided to put their stunning 4-bedroom, 4,922 square foot home up for sale.

If you are interested in taking the time to view this awe-inspiring property, please call Gables and Gates Realtors at (865) 777-9191. For more information on Bridgemore or other home buying opportunities, visit them online at realestate.gablesandgates.com.

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