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Written by CeCe Owens

Click Funeral Homes is like no other in the industry; here, the dedicated staff strive to bring compassionate consultation and flexible options to the family. 

Click Funeral Homes

Written By Phil Roulier

It is one of the most difficult aspects of life, to part with a loved one. Often it is a process that takes time, and our goodbyes are slow and painful. Often it is sudden, giving us a shock of grief that seems almost surreal, leaving us wishing but for only one more precious moment. Whatever the case may be, letting go is never easy, but thanks to Click Funeral Homes, setting arrangments for your loved one is. Click Funeral Homes is like no other in the industry; here, the dedicated staff strive to bring compassionate consultation and flexible options to the family.

The Click Funeral Home was built on a simple idea: our family serving your family. The Click family legacy began in 1965 when Glenn and Polly Click decided to open up a funeral home in the downtown Knoxville area. Glenn Click had been in the business all his life, so he and his wife decided to dedicate themselves to aiding other folks in the community with not only their funeral arrangements, but with the grieving process as well. Now, Glenn and Polly didn’t start out with a lot, and they sure didn’t know much about advertising, but they did know one thing, and that was how to serve others. For years, they went door to door telling people about their new business and how grateful they would be to make them a part of the Click family. Their dedication to the community paid off, and they had enormous success. Needless to say, Glenn and Polly’s children were raised in the business and took over the running of things for a new generation built on the same moral and practical principles set down by Glenn and Polly. Today, Click Funeral Home is still owned by Glenn’s son, Larry Click, and still provides wonderful service to an even broader area, now bringing locations to Farragut, Knoxville, Lenoir City, Tellico Village, and Loudon.

At Click Funeral Homes, you are treated like family. The folks here take care of every detail of your loved one’s service and give you the options you need to give them the servicethat best exemplifies them. A thoughtful and respectful staff meets you at the door right when you walk in, putting you and your loved one’s wishes as their top priority and making the most difficult of times seem a little less overwhelming.  Burials, open casket viewing, cremation, graveside services and so many more– no matter what the wishes of the deceased or family members are, Click Funeral Homes is there to accomodate. They even have a new “Green Burial” option, for those who wish to be buried in a more eco-friendly manner. All of these options can be viewed on Click’s website, Here, you can also view obituaries and see many of their beautiful facilities, including both chapels and multiple viewing areas. The website even has a grief support link, Click’s way of making sure that even after the funeral is over, their service continues. These  many values coupled with Click’s affordable nature put them amongst the top funeral homes in East Tennessee.

Milestones Event Center

Having had enormous success for their dedicated service, Click Funeral Homes has recently purchased some top-of-the-line facilities in order to broaden the available options for the family’s grieving process. Their chapels, both simple and elegant, create a beautiful setting for loved ones to be viewed and respected. For those more inclined to a less formal, casual setting to celebrate a loved one’s life, Click’s Milestones Event Center is a wonderful option. This facility, located just off Kingston Pike in Farragut, was designed in order to give the family a customizable setting. Catering options, celebration of life themed decorum and any other personal touch that the family wishes to surround themselves with are highly encouraged. Whether a family wants to bring a home-cooked meal or order in from their favorite restaurant, the Milestones Event Center is more than accommodating.

Even though losing a loved one can seem unbearable, the folks at Click Funeral Home’s dedication to respect, compassion and adherence to the family’s wishes help shoulder the burden and bring families together to honor those who have loved and those who have been loved. And in a world that seems so very superficial, it’s nice to know that there are still folks out there that genuinely care. Contact them at their Farragut location at (865) 671-6100 or email them with any questions at [email protected].

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