Braden’s Lifestyle Furniture: A Tradition of Quality and Value

We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Sprinklers inside Braden’s Furniture Warehouse alerted local fire departments of a fire in the building that housed the inventory for Braden’s Lifestyle Furniture. When the fire department contacted Gary Braden, there was nothing he could do but wait, just wait. Reports continued of a 5-alarm fire, total loss, firefighters being overcome with smoke. The negative news continued past Gary arriving on the scene, “this is it, no coming back from this”, he reflected on the thoughts passing through his mind.

There is a place, a few different locations inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where a peace that passes all understanding can be found while soaking in the sunshine or shade listening to the water flow over the rocks. Gary Braden is familiar with that sound, that peace and regularly finds that place to decompress, pray and rest his mind. It is a building of faith which lays the foundation for him to handle whatever comes into his path.

Challenges are not rare for Gary Braden, he has met each one with the same approach since 1976 when he joined the family business, Braden’s Furniture, then located in downtown Knoxville. Founded by McKinley Braden in 1956, his wife Mildred was the designer with Gary starting at 15 years of age in the warehouse, the business enjoyed huge success in retail and wholesale furniture sales.

It was a staple of the downtown Knoxville landscape with customers from all over the country shopping the large orange building, a paint scheme designed by McKinley Braden when Gary signed to play football at the University of Tennessee. The closure of the interstate for two years caused a great hardship on the company, forcing the move of operations to a location outside of the downtown area.

There have been many struggles in the past years, many “it’s all over now” moments and that is where in 2011, standing outside of the warehouse in Maryville, Gary Braden found himself again… the non recoverable point for the family business. Then it was over, all of a sudden it was just smoke, it was over and not a total loss. The exact same service vehicle that caused the fire had for unknown reasons also been located in a strategic spot halting the flames. It was a miracle, no other explanation possible.

Moments of despair changing to moments of triumph is the testimony of Gary Braden, he is a book of miracles, each chapter equally amazing with so much of the book still unwritten. This year, marks 62 years of business, now located in Turkey Creek, Braden’s Lifestyle Furniture continues the tradition of quality and value. The family business is strong, the foundation of faith is firmly rooted in Romans 8:28, Gary Braden knows his love for God causes all things to work together for good, so he works daily on the legacy purposed for his life.

Did you know that for every mattress sold at Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture, a mattress is donated to a child in need? Together with Knoxville non-profit Feeding the Orphans, we are carrying out this great effort in Project Ghana! Ask one of our sales associates for more info!

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Dr. William Harvey

In a day and age where fast has replaced friendly and convenience has replaced courtesy, there is a strange trend happening – many patients, when they get sick, no longer call their doctor. Assuming they will never be seen that same day, they go to a walk-in clinic or rely on the unreliable world of the Internet to diagnose themselves.

This is a trend one doctor is doing his part to combat, and if the popularity of his practice is any indication, he is doing a fine job of it.

Dr. William Harvey is a Madisonville native who was inspired by local “Iron Man” doctors, men who worked 12 hours and saw 70 patients a day. Those men were good role models, but according to Dr. Harvey, “I wasn’t sure I wanted to work as hard as they did…but I ended up doing so!” After getting his medical degree from UT Memphis and completing his residency at UT Medical Center, he opened his own practice in Monroe County in 1979.

Back then, general practitioners were not just office physicians – they worked the ER and sometimes even delivered babies! Aside from accumulating a broad repertoire of skills, Dr. Harvey’s upbringing and experience in Monroe County helped to show him what customer service is supposed to look like – taking time with one’s patients, getting to know them and offering the comprehensive care each individual deserves.

Treating a patient isn’t necessarily about treating one ailment at a time or ordering expensive tests – it’s about knowledge gained from taking the time to dig deep into all of a patient’s concerns and putting the pieces together to devise a treatment plan. And when patients unexpectedly get sick, they should be able to count on seeing the doctor who knows them and their medical history best. Dr. Harvey understands this, and it’s why he’s always made sure he is available to see his patients when they need him.

Although Dr. Harvey will always cherish his decades of work in Monroe County, the move to Knoxville offered him a good change of pace. At his new office in the Choto area, he is still able to see his regular, longstanding patients but also meets new people from the neighborhood. He has good parking, a great staff and, with far fewer patients, the flexibility to fit people in that call him that day. His focus on customer service is precisely why people still drive from Sweetwater to his new office location to see him and why his practice will surely continue to thrive for many years to come!

Dr. Harvey’s new office is located at 1612 Choto Markets Way. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Harvey, call 865-218-7485 or visit

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The Flower Story of Ingles Markets, Inc.

Since 1963, Ingles Markets have strived to bring the best quality and variety to their customers. This is very apparent in their well-established floral departments. They strive to be able to service their customers with their needs, from dressing up a beautiful azalea as a gift for a friend or as elaborate as creating gift baskets, beautifully wrapped bouquets and arrangements for special occasions. Certain locations also have experienced floral designers that arrange weddings on a regular basis. The floral departments at Ingles Markets have evolved over the years due in part to staying fresh with new ideas and working closely with their vendors. Working directly with the farms and local greenhouses by creating their own bouquet recipes and choosing plant material a year in advance has really put them in a category that keeps them ahead of the trends.

Ingles Markets are involved with many charitable organizations where the floral departments assist with providing fresh cut arrangements and a variety of plants in their events yearly. Breast Cancer Awareness, Miracle Hill and The Children’s League are just a few. Ingles Table is another way of connecting with the customers by offering “How To” videos for creating arrangements at home their own with product purchased in the floral departments. You can find these at Meeting the customer’s needs is the focus and to always bring something new and fresh to the table.

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Lenior City Arts & Crafts Festival

Join The Team That Presents One of East Tennessee’s Most Popular Events!

The members of the GFWC Suburbia Women’s Club (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) organize and execute an extremely successful annual festival. The Lenoir City Arts and Crafts Festival is Saturday June 2nd, 9am-5pm amd Sunday June 3rd, 10am – 4pm. In 2018, we will celebrate 56 years of holding this festival at the Lenoir City Lake Park along the peninsula of Fort Loudoun Lake. The average yearly attendance is between 5,000 and 7,000 people. Anywhere from 150 to 200 artists, craftsmen and food vendors participate in the festival offering a variety of foods, culinary choices and outstanding artistry from all over the Southeast.

The Lenoir City Arts and Crafts Festival is a tradition in the East Tennessee area that has garnered the respect and support of the surrounding community and region. In the last 55 years, the money raised by the GFWC Suburbia Women’s Club has been used to help the local communities.

By supporting this festival, it benefits everyone in four ways: first, proceeds are given back to the community via financial donations to charitable organizations and college scholarships; second, you provide a venue for artisans to promote and sell their crafts; third, you bring awareness of the resources that are available within the local community; and finally, visitors can enjoy taking in the scenery of an award-winning lake community.

Join Us In Supporting Our Community By Becoming A Sponsor!

For more information visit:

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Kaitlyn & Andrew

For Kaitlyn Parrish, when something feels meant to be, it’s probably because it is. When she met her husband, Andrew, they both knew immediately it was destiny. She saw him and felt an instant connection without even realizing that, from across the way, he was experiencing the same feeling. They began dating in high school and never looked back.

One aspect of her special day where Kaitlyn did not trust her initial instincts was regarding her wedding dress. She grew up saying she would never wear her mother’s dress. When the time finally came for her to walk down the aisle, however, she couldn’t imagine wearing anything else. Sally Harmon at White Lace & Promises worked wonders, updating the dress to a more modern style with an elegant scooped back. According to Kaitlyn, “You can’t put a price on the sentimental value of the dress.”

When it came to selecting a wedding venue, the choice was easy. Kaitlyn had already been following Dancing Bear on social media because she was a fan of their Appalachian Bistro. When she saw a picture of their outdoor cathedral and showed it to Andrew, they immediately knew it was the place. Dancing Bear coordinated rentals, provided seasonal catering, made vendor recommendations…they even created a custom cocktail for the event called the Perfectly “Paired” Mule.

While the venue and vendors all did a fantastic job, it was the cherished memories that truly made the day special. In addition to reusing her mother’s wedding dress, Kaitlyn was able to use her grandfather’s impeccably restored 1931 Model A Rumble Seat Coupe as their “getaway car.” And years from now, as they celebrate significant anniversaries, they will have bottles of wine to enjoy with heartfelt messages from friends and family shared on their special day.

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